Carbon Measurement & Reporting

Establish the foundation for your Net-Zero progress with precise carbon measurement and reporting. Our services are designed to help you to comply with regulation, inform strategy, and satisfy customer demands in an accurate and reliable way.

Navigate the complexities of environmental regulations and standards with our expert compliance service, ensuring your business meets all legal requirements.

Set up your measurement process to be future-ready and ensure consistency year-on-year.

Ensure the integrity of your carbon data with our robust management and verification processes, forming the bedrock of credible reporting.

Use standardised and accurate methodologies and KPIs to report with confidence.

Accurately assess your carbon footprint to identify key areas for reduction.

Navigating Regulations and Standards

We can help you understand how to apply carbon reporting methods within your business. Extensive experience in the logistics and environmental sectors enables our team to provide in-depth advice, guiding you in selecting the right standards and methodologies to suit your goals and circumstances. We focus on making regulatory compliance straightforward, helping you understand and meet legal requirements effectively. Holleon’s approach not only assures current compliance but also anticipates evolving norms, positioning your business to adapt seamlessly to future environmental reporting requirements.

Establishing and Maintaining an Efficient Method for Carbon Footprinting

It is crucial to develop efficient emissions reporting systems to ensure consistency, repeatability, and accuracy. Holleon can help you to establish clear processes and understand how to assign internal responsibilities. We will advise you on how to select relevant key performance indicators that align with industry benchmarks, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and track progress. Our approach focusses on creating a streamlined, manageable workflow. By reinforcing your internal reporting structure, we help you achieve emissions reporting that is robust, dependable, and efficient.

Processes to Measure and Report Accurately

Carbon accounting principles are designed to penalise inaccurate or incomplete information, so understanding how to improve the precision of your emissions data will help you to accurately showcase your environmental efforts and put your best foot forward in sustainability reporting. In a landscape where customers increasingly request carbon information, logistics companies must prepare for upcoming legislative changes and the evolving client demands they are driving. 

We advise on robust methods for accurate data collection and reporting, positioning your company for optimal emissions performance. Our service not only provides reliable information for informed decision-making but also ensures your strategies are in line with global accuracy conventions, essential for maintaining customer relationships in a market where reporting accuracy is becoming a key determinant.

Staying Ahead of Developments in Sustainablity

Holleon’s solution goes beyond compliance and efficiency for those who want to take the lead in sustainability by adopting best practices tailored to the logistics sector. We guide you through industry benchmarks and emerging trends, helping you implement progressive environmental measures. Our guidance is designed to enhance your company’s reputation and maintain competitiveness in a green-conscious market.

Enabling an Informed Strategy by Understanding Your Current Emissions

Delve into the specifics of your emissions with comprehensive Carbon Footprint Analysis. We will identify how and where your business generates emissions and provide the insights needed to form the basis of an effective reduction strategy. Understanding your carbon footprint is the first step towards choosing cost-effective, impactful environmental actions.


Carbon Reduction Planning

Construct a bespoke carbon reduction plan that balances stakeholder needs with practical cost considerations. Our process begins with understanding your business, its current footprint, and goals, leading to an informed, strategic path forward.

Initiate your plan with a thorough assessment of your aims, your business and its environmental impact, setting the stage for informed, achievable progress.

Set realistic yet ambitious targets, crafting a strategic plan that aligns with your business objectives and environmental commitments.

Explore a range of carbon reduction options, receiving expert advice to understand their implications and benefits for your unique operations.

Evaluate various carbon reduction strategies with a detailed cost-benefit analysis, ensuring your plan is both financially viable and environmentally impactful.

Bring the above steps together into a formal Carbon Reduction Plan.

Understanding Your Business and Requirements

Our initial step involves a deep dive into your business and existing carbon footprint. Comprehensive analysis is pivotal to crafting a reduction plan that not only aligns with your business but also identifies key areas for impactful improvement. We focus on understanding your unique operational nuances to ensure our strategy is precisely tailored to your needs.

Exploring Options for Carbon Reduction

We offer a comprehensive exploration of various carbon reduction strategies, tailored specifically for the logistics sector. Our guidance helps you understand the implications and benefits of each option, considering factors such as operational feasibility, potential costs or savings, and environmental impact. By presenting a balanced view of each strategy, we empower you to make informed decisions that align with your company’s ethos and operational goals.

Harmonising Commercial and Environmental Goals

Effectively balancing cost-efficiency with environmental responsibility is at the heart of our approach. We conduct thorough cost-benefit analyses of potential carbon reduction strategies, providing you with clear insights into how each option fits within your financial framework. Our goal is to identify solutions that not only meet your budgetary constraints but also make significant strides in reducing your environmental impact, ensuring a plan that is both financially and environmentally sustainable.

Setting Realistic and Impactful Targets

Our target-setting process is grounded in both realism and ambition. We collaborate with you to identify key areas for improvement, ensuring that your targets are not only in line with industry standards and stakeholder expectations but also achievable and impactful. This involves a careful assessment of your current capabilities and future aspirations, crafting a strategic plan that positions you for success in both the short and long term.

Long-Term Planning for Sustainable Success

Our strategic planning extends beyond immediate compliance and reduction goals, encompassing future environmental trends and potential regulatory changes. We work with you to develop a plan that not only addresses current requirements but also positions your business for ongoing success in a shifting environmental landscape. This forward-thinking approach ensures your company remains adaptable and proactive in its sustainability journey, ready to embrace future opportunities to stand out in a competitive market.


Operational Improvement

Transition your carbon reduction plans into action with our expert implementation and optimisation services. Leveraging years of logistics experience, we ensure that every step towards sustainability is practical, efficient, and tailored to your business needs.

Our detailed operational analysis leads to bespoke solution designs, aligning sustainability with operational excellence for your logistics needs.

Guidance through each step to the realisation of your sustainability plans, focusing on practical implementation and measurable outcomes.

Optimising your fleet and site infrastructure for efficiency and sustainability can lead to operational cost savings.

Comprehensive infrastructure surveys to assess suitability for sustainable measures, including alternative fuel facilities and grid capacity.

Advice on ways to work with your customers towards shared sustainable efficiency improvements.

Decades of Experience Helping Logistics Businesses to Improve Operations

Having spent our careers in the sector, we have a deep understanding of the logistics landscape, enabling us to devise strategies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost performance. Our experience allows us to tailor solutions that resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities in the logistics industry, ensuring that your journey towards sustainability also advances your wider business objectives.

Comprehensive Fleet and Infrastructure Optimisation

Optimising your fleet and infrastructure to improve commercial performance is a key focus of our expertise. Through modelling and other tools, we can assess and advise on efficiency measures, considering your specific operational needs. Traditional logistics optimisation not only aligns with your sustainability objectives but also supports business efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact in concert with each other.

Practical Implementation for Tangible Gains

Our hands-on support can help to ensure your sustainability plans are actioned in an effective and manageable way, where required. We focus on translating sustainability targets into practical actions, and taking any unique challenges into account. This approach helps to make improvements meaningful and achievable, integrating seamlessly with your business and paving the way for tangible sustainability gains.

Infrastructure Surveys that Future-Proof Your Sites

Many businesses underestimate the role infrastructure will have to play if the UK is to keep to its legally-binding climate commitements. With significant time and cost required to make such changes, it’s important to understand where you stand as soon as possible when making long-term strategic decisions. 

Whether you own a site or are looking to make upgrades, or to renew or begin a new lease, Holleon has developed in-house infrastructure surveys to assess the suitability of your sites to accommodate different sustainability measures. We examine factors like local grid capacity, space for charging equipment and alternative fuel storage, as well as energy efficiency potential and proximity to infrastructure. This preparation is vital for the successful integration of sustainable solutions, ensuring your business is future-ready and adaptable to evolving environmental standards.

Helping you to Collaborate with Customers for Shared Sustainability Success

A forward-thinking approach can command a premium as customers look for suppliers who can support their sustainabllity goals. Holleon specialises in facilitating collaborative approaches to sustainability, including setting up alternative fuel contracts. Logistics providers can share costs and risks with customers interested in Net Zero progress and work with them to find efficiency gains. By offering such innovative solutions, you position your business as a proactive leader in sustainability, ready to meet customer demands for environmentally responsible logistics services. 


Marketing Your Progress

Increase awareness of your business and showcase your Net-Zero progress. Our services include creating impactful graphics and marketing materials, ideal for tender RFI responses, and providing comprehensive support for broader marketing initiatives and brand alignment. We will assist you in shaping your sustainability initiatives into a compelling narrative that connects with your audience, whoever they may be.

Evaluate your existing strengths and weaknesses.

Craft compelling visuals and materials that clearly demonstrate your sustainability achievements, perfect for inclusion in tenders and RFIs.

Develop a strategic approach to communicating your environmental efforts, ensuring transparency and effectiveness in reaching your audience.

Modernise your brand or simply make your document templates reflect your commitment to sustainability.

Get help to win business from professionals who have managed tenders for years on both sides of the fence.

Showcase Net-Zero Plans in Your Business Communications

We understand the importance of communicating your sustainability efforts effectively, especially in a sceptical market. Our team helps you create professional materials that not only demonstrate your progress but also resonate with your clients’ growing environmental expectations. This approach is crucial in tender responses and client interactions, turning your sustainability journey into a competitive advantage.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs from Updated Documents to Full Brand Overhaul

We can help ensure your brand image is up to date or simply that your marketing documents reflect your environmental goals and progress, reinforcing your reputation as a forward-thinking, responsible business. Holleon has expertise creating a wide array of content, encompassing everything from engaging websites and impactful print materials to dynamic email campaigns. We excel in producing compelling video and audio content, including animations, sophisticated graphic design, and even 3D visualisation. This diverse skill set ensures we can effectively communicate your message across any medium, however large or small your requirements may be.

Win New Business with Expert Tender Support

Drawing on years of experience both running tenders for companies seeking logistics services and aiding logistics providers in winning bids, we offer unparalleled tender support. Whether you require assistance with general tender processes or need specific guidance for a particular bid, our team is equipped to help. Our in-depth understanding of the tendering landscape allows us to provide strategic advice and practical support, enhancing your chances of success. From modelling and solution design to showcasing your sustainability efforts, Holleon can help to position you as the ideal choice for potential clients, ensuring your bids stand out.

Strategic Sustainability Reporting for Stakeholder Engagement

Effective sustainability reporting goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about engaging stakeholders and building trust. We guide you in developing reports and communications that are transparent and impactful, ensuring your stakeholders understand and value your environmental commitments.

Tailored Marketing to Highlight Environmental Commitment

In a competitive industry, differentiating your brand is key. Our custom marketing support focuses on highlighting your commitment to sustainability, helping you stand out and appeal to clients who value environmental responsibility. This not only addresses immediate client queries but also positions you as a leader in sustainable logistics.